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Set up Exchange ActiveSync on Android

1. To begin, open your Android device Settings and tap Accounts menu: 

2. Scroll down the screen and tap Add Account option: 

3. On the next screen choose Exchange option: 

4. The next screen will prompt you to enter your email address. 
Make sure to type in full Private Email address: 

5. Once done, tap Next to proceed to the next step. 
Here you will need to indicate your email account password. 

6. Once ready, tap Next. Here you will need to indicate correct Exchange server settings. 
Make sure to use the following settings for your account: 

Username: full email address 
Password: password for this mailbox 
Port: 443 
Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates) 

7. After all the settings are correctly indicated, simply tap Next to verify the settings and proceed to account setup completion:

That's it!

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