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Understanding Malware

Spyware and other malicious programs fall under the term malware, short for Malicious Software. They’re not quite viruses, but they are a nuisance at the least and can severely affect your system performance. Often, they invade your privacy by reporting your online activities to a website owner who then directs advertising to your PC in the form of popups and email. Some actually record your keystrokes to capture your passwords and logins to secure websites where you conduct online purchases or pay your bills. Others will add so many programs that run in the background (you won’t know they’re running but they’re using up your system resources) and report on your computing activities that your computer will run more and more slowly—until you have to reboot continuously. Some even masquerade as a trial version of virus protection urging you to purchase the full version of their bogus software. It is crucial to take malware as seriously as viruses.
When you download that free program from the internet or you engage in file sharing activities, you usually have to sign an End User License Agreement (EULA). Most people click on the “accept” button without reading the EULA. EULAs are typically extremely long, filled with legal language that people don’t want to read. But they often tell you that by accepting this free program, you agree to let them install other programs on your computer or share information about you with others. When you “accept” the free program, you’ve accepted the conditions of using it, which includes permitting them to install this “malware” on your computer. If you uninstall the malware, the free program may no longer work. So, please, be careful when installing free programs or deals that are “too good to be true.”
Keller Computers provides quick and affordable removal of malware ensuring that your personal information is protected and your computer is running smoothly. Malware will often open the door to other damaging infections, so the longer you wait to squash the culprit, the more severe your infection can become. If you suspect you are the victim of a malware infection, contact us right away for free diagnostics. Here are a few sure signs that your system has been compromised:
Pop-ups: You may be experiencing pop-ups while browsing the web or just randomly on your computer screen.
Bogus virus warnings: If a program on your computer warns you that you are infected and that you have to pay for removal, that is definitely malware trying to get into your wallet
Slow performance: Though there are many causes for slow computer performance, malware uses significant system resources to do its dirty deeds.
Home page changes: If your web browser home page has abruptly changed chances are high that you have a malware infection
Search engine changes: If you search from the address bar in your browser and it takes you to a search page other than what you have configured, malware is typically the cause.
Unrecognized desktop icons: If you notice icons on your desktop for programs that you have not installed, malware is to blame.
Don’t wait until your system is inoperable, your personal information is compromised or you experience data loss. Contact Keller Computers in Galveston today and nip malware in the bud!

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